Choose Your Coffee Box Coffees
Important Note: We want to make sure you always have your coffee when you need it. Our system will automatically add our Coffee Tour coffees to your order on your next shipping date if you haven't finished selecting the minimum amount needed for your order. So don't worry, sit back, relax and know that we'll keep amazing coffee coming to your door!
Item Package Grind Type Qty
Coffee Tour
African Reserve  
Central American Signature Blend  
Indonesian Signature Blend  
South American Signature Blend  
CICR's Coffee of the Month  
Light Roast
Guatemala - Light Roast  
Papua New Guinea - Light Roast  
Peru - Light Roast  
Medium Roast
Brazil - Medium Roast  
Guatemala - Medium Roast  
Papua New Guinea - Medium Roast  
Sumatra - Medium Roast  
Dark Roast
Brazil - Dark Roast  
Peru - Dark Roast  
Sumatra - Dark Roast  
Honduras - Dark Roast  
For Espresso
Varietal Supremo - Premium Espresso Blend  
Varietal Supremo SWP - Premium Decaf Coffee  
Ethiopian Coffee  
Colombian Coffee  
CICR Signature Water Processed Decaf  
CICR Signature Water Processed Halfcaff  
Grinders and Brewers
SoloFill Cup Temporarily Out of Stock  

Note: A standard Coffee Lover’s Club order consists of 2, 2lb. bags of coffee - So make sure you pick two from the above choices. You can always add more bags at our standard retail price and you won't pay a dime in shipping as long as it's a part of your club order!